Vote YES on Measure C

A grass roots initiative by ordinary Iowa City citizens, Public Measure C has generated broad community support across social and political lines. Here's what our fellow citizens have to say:

Measure C will make system work for all

Opponents to Measure C insist that the city should keep the current initiative and referendum signature requirement because the system works 'as is.' But it isn’t working.

Measure C hopes to change the game of Codes & Charters

What if it was much easier for us to change the Constitution than to change the laws that have to follow it? A lot of people consider this to be a silly question: It’s pretty obvious that such a hypothetical arrangement would put things awfully out of balance. Yet that’s precisely the arrangement we have in Iowa City in regards to our municipal code.

Iowa City, Vote Yes for Measure C

With all of the hubbub surrounding federal elections, government can feel far from something we as individuals can control or even access. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Vote Yes for Measure C

Those who vote in Iowa City should note the proposed City Charter amendment on the back of the ballot: Public Measure C. Students should vote Yes on Measure C; University of Iowa students invest a considerable amount of volunteer work and money into the Iowa City economy during their time here, but the City Council often ignores student input.

Measure C is an antidote to special interests

A recent letter argued that Measure C “will make it easier for special interests to influence local government”. It’s an interesting claim, considering that  “special interests” are about the only ones who can take advantage of the Iowa City’s current initiative and referendum process.

Remember to turn the ballot over

Many people have voted early, but if you have not voted yet, it is important to turn the ballot over and vote on the often overlooked choices on the back of the ballot.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Old guard to Iowa City voters: “Don’t change the status quo, or all hell will break lose.”

Measure C deserves your support

Iowa City is one of the few places in Iowa where people can petition its representative government to either retract something they don’t like that was passed, or to initiate a local law.

The Sky Has Already Fallen, Mr. Balmer

Hey, Mr. Balmer, your doomsday scenario has been in place for the last 40 years.

Educate yourself on Measure C

Measure C, which will appear on the back of our ballots this November, is intended to make the city charter requirements for an initiative or referendum conform to state code.

When is 5.33% a round number?

When you need a rationale for an otherwise baseless decision, anything resembling some sort of logic will do.

Measure C won't turn Iowa City into California

Some Iowa City residents expressed concern that passing Public Measure C could “turn Iowa City into California” by bringing too many ballot issues to voters.

Ballot measure deserves your vote

Despite the overall liberal nature of Iowa City, the city council has been historically conservative, primarily controlled by development, banking and related interests; its policies over the years to date have reflected this.

Turn the Ballot Over!

If you vote in Iowa City you will find on your presidential ballot, hidden away at the bottom of the back page, an amendment to the City Charter. The amendment looks complicated but it is in fact a simple one.

November Ballot to Include Petition Signature Requirement

In November 2016 Iowa City voters will have an opportunity to vote on how many signatures the city should require to bring a valid initiative/referendum issue to the city council's attention for council passage or placement on a city election ballot.

Fixing the City Charter

What if it was much easier for us to change the Constitution than to change the laws that have to follow it?